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Default What is the real caloric rate for tennis?

So, I've used a few different activity/diet tracking applications to monitor calories in/calories out. I'm always put off by the numbers they come up with for tennis as an exercise.

From 60 minutes of tennis singles amounts to 840 calories burned. 60 minutes of doubles tennis: 525 calories.

By comparison, 60 minutes of jogging (6mph): 1680 calories.

It's as if they are saying 60 minutes of singles doesn't consider all the breaks between points, change overs, etc. If I were to just hit for 60 minutes in a row, I could see an expenditure of something like that, but playing a 2 hour match should have me depleted if I'm working through 1680 calories.

What do you think is a 'realistic' number of calories burned during a couple sets? Or, should I go ahead and take credit for the 840 cal/hour?
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