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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
Enberg is absent minded. It was good for him to stop. Chris Fowler is half decent, but he gets on my nerves at times because he constantly questions player injuries, even though he is technically right, he just says it a lot. JMac is good when he sticks to tennis and doesn't change his mind about who the GOAT is every two minutes.
Enberg is nearly 80 so obviously that's a factor. But he gave a match that 'main event' feel just with his voice and credibility alone. He's tennis' Vin Scully. He didn't really stop, he does play by play for SD Padres games now which means we get Bill Macatee and Ian Eagle for the CBS televised slams...which is fine. I like Macatee a lot. Eagle has no personality and I'm fairly certain he's a robot, but he's technically sound. I can understand why some wouldn't like Brad Gilbert. I prefer him in the actual commentating on match role or the side-court whisperer role as opposed to the studio or outside of the stadium at the desk - role where he turns into a carnival barker.

I also forgot to mention Jim Courier who sparingly commentates now. I'd like to see him more as well. I know he has Davis Cup commitments and I know international broadcasting companies use him for majors as well, but if he could takeover the slams for the gigs that Mary Carillo lands here in the US I'd be pleased with that.
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