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Originally Posted by GuyClinch View Post
I think the ideal regiment is 4x a week -that way you can do an upper/low body split twice a week.

However since you play alot that would be too much. I'd do two full body workouts twice a week. I find that only once a week it seems like you won't make enough progress for it to seem worthwhile.

So do two fully body workouts twice a week - but they have to be spread out a few days.. I think this will give you the flexibility you need with tennis.

So maybe Mon Thurs for example..

Might look like this:

Push: Neutral Grip Dumbell Press, or Bench Press
Pull: Seated Row or Dumbell Rows and Pulldowns/Pullups
Knee Dominant: Squats or Romanian Split Squats or Single Leg Leg Press
Hip Dominant: Deadlifts or Romanian Deadlifts or 45 Degree Back Raise.

With a limited regimen like that you can fit in some 'pre-hab' work like the throwers ten that was recommended here..which is nice for your shoulder.

I like Y's and T's as well as some rotator cuff work - instead of the whole throwers ten..but YMMV.

This is not ideal for bodybuilding purposes because you will eventually start to see lagging muscles (say calves for example) but for fitness/tennis purposes a few multi-joint exercises twice a week is enough..
Just because it's been our history, I was looking to argue with you on this, but that looks pretty good.

I would like to add though, with any weight training program, there should be some method of progression, whether its linear, weekly, or monthly and whether its an increase in weight, volume, intensity etc. It shouldn't just be go in and do these exercises the same way every time.

Note this mainly refers to the bigger movements. With pre/rehab stuff like YTI or thowers ten, there's less emphasis on progression in terms of weight unless they are very small increases (but maybe add reps and sets are you get used to them)
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