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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
But rally balls the same as every other shot? eh, no.
I might get lucky and hit a rally ball for a winner, certainly not intended.
I might get lucky and hit a winner attempt for a winner, but I planned that shot. And, I hit it much harder and flatter, going for the tiny target.
Not sure, but you seem to be locked into hitting hard, flat, and to small targets
as though that all goes together as a package.
Maybe not for you, due to mobility issues you have raised, but for most players,
does it not make sense to go with big power AND Spin to a very large target,
where you have some room for error with all that power?
Why would normal players want to hit their biggest power with limiting factors
like going flat and to a slimmer target and increase the chance to miss while
pushing their ability to hit hard?
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