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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
Agree with 5263, this is a good post, toly. And don't write off the picture sequence of Serena you posted above as being all flat and having no topspin. It is not evident from the picture, but her hand is pulling in, causing the racquet to whip into the ball, and it definitely has an upwards movement (can't anything tell about sidespin, though). That plus the forward tilt of the racquet will ensure there is a lot of topspin, probably much more than I can hit! But the trajectory of the ball looks like it will be flat.

Thanks for posting this great pic.
Thanks for comments.

Serena uses very actively ISR before and during impact, but smoothly. I don’t see any abrupt sideways acceleration and it is practically impossible. She really pulls in because ISR stands for Internal Shoulder Rotation.
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