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Default 2012 TW Fantasy Tennis Finals/3rd Place Match

Hello, and welcome to the final matches of the TW Fantasy Tennis season. After a long and arduous season, it all comes down to this - a final meeting between #1 kishnabe and #2 jbf#1. There will also be a consolation match between #3 Eternity and #4 boredone3456 to determine 3rd place.

The events involved for this match will be the 250 events in Stockholm, Moscow, & Vienna, the 500 events in Basel & Valencia, and the 1000 event in Paris Bercy.

The selection order for the matches will be:

1. kishnabe
2. jbf#1
3. Eternity
4. boredone3456

Here is the info for these tourneys:




The scoring will be the same as it was for regular season events, w/ MS event wins being worth more than 500 event wins. As always, you are to take one person 1-20, one person 21-40, one person 41-60, one person 61-80, and one person 81+.

If there are any questions, feel free to post them. Otherwise, best of luck and may the best team win!
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