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Default Damn, that sounds sweet

Originally Posted by Backhanded Compliment View Post
Ive gone beast mode with my IG MP. Right now it is at 12.83 oz and 8.5pts headlight, so this thing mangles the tennis ball. Ive only played once with it in this hefty setup but I hit 7 aces in one set and did remarkably well with reflex hits... not sluggish at all and I'm playing the net quite a bit. Basically, heavy rackets rock (I grew up with wood and the 200g). The amount of spin this thing is imparting is unreal and I can tell the ball is just so heavy because it seemed to push my opponent with a prostaff 95 around quite a bit. Ill see if I can handle this but so far no problems.
As the founder of the TW "Heavy Racquet Users Club" I can only imagine what a heavy ball that hits. Wish I ere in good enough condition to use it
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