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You are swinging linearly. If you want a linear type swing that's fine. But you are going for the modern, angular, millenium, ssc, biting topspin swing right? Ok then...

Look at image #4. The butt is not pointing at the ball. In fact your butt never points at the ball throughout the swing. This is a clear indication the swing is wrong. If you do this right the butt will point at the ball for a long time. So... how do we do that? ...

1) Look at image #3. The racquet is not aligned properly for angular rotation. In this frame the throat of the racquet is lined up w/ the ball. Not good. The head of your racquet should be lined up with the ball at least, or even optimally imo more inside the ball. Meaning the ball should be a little farther out to the right than the head of the racquet. A little outside is better because this forces you to go out there to the right and get the ball and attack it and not scamper away timidly to the left to meet your imaginary dance partner you're so fond of.

See this forehand here by safin. He has the head of the racquet lined up with the ball as it's coming towards him:


2) During the backswing when you lower your hand it has to come closer to your body. Look at your hand in images 1 - 4. Your hand stays the same length away from your body the whole time. This is part of the problem. You need to lower your arm/hand and bring it closer to your body before the forward swing. Look at any pro who uses this method. They all do this.
Look at the above safin vid again to see him doing it. Or any fed, rafa, kohlscreiber or whoever vid.

Lowering the hand and letting it fall closer to the body does 2 things:
a. it lets your arm stay loose (as opposed to fighting your body and gravity by keeping it the same distance away from your body like in your images. Also I'd say to keep the head of your racquet a few more degrees higher than your hand. It looks like you are purposely trying to make it flat and get it into a PTD. Keep it up a little more like in the dozens of images i've posted.

b. Lowering the hand and letting it fall closer to you also allows you to accomplish the most important part you are missing which is...

3) Swing inside out. This type of fh is an inside out type of swing. The hand is closer to the body and then swings OUT to the right to meet the ball. In other words the hand gets increasing farther away from the body while pulling the butt towards the ball. Not straight at the ball like you are doing. Don't listen to other posters here who like to argue 'angular momentum can be expressed by linear components etc etc blah blah blah'. They don't know what they are talking about.

This swing is angular or more accurately uses angular momentum. The hand is close to body (or closer), you push up/off with the leg and rotate the core, the racquet tilts back ON IT'S OWN, the arm swings OUT TO THE RIGHT (as in towards the right net post or towards the side fence), not straight to the ball. just like the lock and roll guy demonstrates with his little drum. As he turns the drum the strings FLY OUT AWAY from the drum. As you can see described in the beginning of this video

When you do this the racquet head will go behind your body like heath says on VTA (also not present in your images), like u can see in the Li Na pics above or as you can see w/ any pro. The racquet head will go behind the body but the hand is still in front of the body. This is because the path the racquet will take is INSIDE OUT, then it makes contact and continues around. If you have an inside out racquet path you will have that smooth looking swing (like the strings swinging around the drum, or fed, rafa or any pro for that matter) and your rhs will be much faster and this will happen with almost no arm muscling.

If you do the above steps the butt of the racquet will point to the ball like in Li Na image #2. Then you rotate, the arm flies out toward the right while moving forward and up and contact is made with a neutral wrist.

You should feel like you are dragging/pulling the butt towards the ball from under it. This is why u see a lot of pro making contact with the head a little under the hand. Because they were pulling the butt towards the ball from below. when the butt gets as far as your hiting structure allows it will start to move to the left across your body. Then the head catches up to the ball and is contacting the ball on an 'up and across' type of action. You'll get massive topspin and sidespin with this and the contact feels very solid almost like a well struct flat drive feeling.

You need to:
1) line the head up with the ball in prep. (ball should be more to the right then in your pics.
2) let the hand drop closer to the body and STAY LOOSE
3) push off/up with leg which will cause the racquet to flip back and down and give you the butt point
4) rotate core and LET the arm swing OUT TO THE RIGHT while pulling the butt towards the ball.

And no you don't need a straight arm for this. A bent arm fh still has an inside out motion. The arm goes from in to out. not a straight linear path.

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