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leg push looks good there.
yea you pointed for a micro-second there. inside out will make it better.

also you need to change the contact angle. the inside out might help with that too i think. currently you make contact on the outside of the ball like your hooking it and you sort of graze over the outside of the ball and the racquet face is tilted and angled. you should be making solid flat or pretty close to flat looking contact with the racquet.
as in Li Na pic #4.
This is the neutral wrist contact after the butt pull. this is why it feels really solid even though you get a lot of spin. contact is made squarely and you get the nice pop sound.

Look how squarely Fed makes contact here but still getting lots of spin and a nice pop. even when he cranks up the topspin near the middle of the vid contact is still square.

Roger inside/out swing and square contact

safin inside out w/ square contact

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