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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
All depends on what type of Juice Pro you have.

If you have a heavier hitting Juice Pro, and favor a more spin orientated setup, Black Magic 17 works phenomenally well with this stick. Great combination and offers just about everything you could want. Full bed all the way.

Genesis Black Magic 17

If you favor a flatter hitting setup, and not too bothered by a slight lack of spin/variety and don't mind a stiffer stringbed, Discho Iontec works well. Again, tested as a full bed poly.

Discho Iontec 1.20

Wilson Gut / Alu ie Champions Choice was one setup that I couldn't get working well. This seems quite tension sensitive in stick (more so than in my 6.1 95/18x20), so its important to get the tensions and tension differentials right from the get go. But unless of course, you're prepared to restring every 3 hours or so, and go onto court with a freshly strung setup every time, the strings are a moving feast in terms of performance. The problem isn't so much the racquet itself but the fact that Alu loses tension quickly, so you can end up with overpowered gut mains after 3 hours of hitting, or after you've left the strings sitting in the racquet for a week or so or at the start of your second outing. Gut/Alu really is a very short lived, expensive performance setup. Open patterned sticks just seem to highlight that short lived performance.

BHBR16 (Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 16) worked pretty well with this racquet if you don't mind or prefer a slightly softer, slightly springier stringbed.

Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 was okay but slightly underwhelming.

If you have a lighter hitting setup, you may prefer hybriding any of the above, though its not something I've tried.

In short, the racquet takes on the characteristics of the particular string you're using. Its surprising how much you can vary the response of the ball off the stringbed of this stick by changing the type of strings you're using.
hmm, is there anything else that would go with natural gut that lasts? My current setup is very harsh and makes an annoying ping noise on every stroke, even with a dampener. I was hoping that natural gut would feel better but i'm not prepared to get new strings every other match.
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