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Question How to play for money?

This is kinda tough one for me. Last week I played a guy for the first time, and crushed him. 6-1 6-0. he wanted to play 3rd set so i let him win it 6-2. the problem is, the first 2 sets i was trying about 40%. i did not hit a single first serve, and was coming to net a lot goofing around. so i am pretty much way better than him. he did use a demo for that match though.

we played again few days ago, this time he brought his regular sticks. again, i took it fairly easy, but i got down 3-5 first set when i decided to try to turn it around. but to my surprise, i couldnt! so he beat me. 2nd set i was up 4-1 when he came back again to 4-4 before i pulled out 6-4.

now here is the thing-both times he's paying me to play. we are supposed to play again. how should i go about this?

-go 100% and crush him,
-do the same as i have been the last 2x and see what happens.
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