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This is the problem with anecdotal evidence. It's just not all convincing to anyone without a preconcieved view.

Yes a player who hit with heavy topspin lost to a guy who hit with less topspin. This doesn't mean the topspin hurt the loser. For all we know if he flattened out his strokes he might have lost even quicker. He might have lacked footwork or skill or fitness or simple athletic ability..

What we would need to see to decide that 'topspin is overrated' is that legions of players from places that emphasize topspin lose to legions of players that hit flatter..

Seeing that guys like Murray and Nadal use a ton of top - this does not seem to be happening. All we can learn from the anecdote is that SOMETIMES players who hit with heavy top lose to guys who hit with less topspin. Something any tennis fan could have told you..

OP could have said..

Experience is overrated - the less experienced player won.
Height is overrated if the taller player lost.
Speed/Footwork etc is overrated if the guy with less awesome footwork won..

Anecdotal evidence is bad. Don't base your arguments on it.
Del Porto wins tennis matches and Nadal wins matches. Clearly topspin won't kill you nor will hitting flatter..

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