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Just received and played my first match with an Angell racket.

Firstly, it looks superb. I could say that this doesn't matter, but as a psychologist I know that we absolutely can't distinguish function from form entirely and it does no harm at all to smile at your racket when you take it out the bag.

Secondly, I took the opportunity to adjust my specs on this change. A couple of emailed questions to Paul and he steered me in a direction that would give me what I wanted... similar swing weight but a slightly lighter overall weight.

The racket is an absolute delight. It has a great solidity but not from stiffness. I believe someone else said that they thought the foam was responsible for this; I believe it's more to do with the lay-up of the graphite. The Angell frames are specified for optimum playing characteristics not minimal manufacturing costs! When I read that the lay-up is different my experience with the big brands finally made sense: their mainstream frames just feel slightly hollow to me (I don't doubt that the pros get a totally different product).

Congratulations to Paul on designing such a great racket, including the cosmetics and branding which, for me, are a rare mix of classic and contemporary... I think mine is going to look good for years to come.
(And I completely understand the point of the person who said he didn't like the thought of scraping it on the ground!).

My only regret is that, because I was playing with specs, I didn't feel it was worth risking buying the multi-racket deal... I should have had more faith in Paul's recommendation.

However, it's a small issue given that I have the perfect racket for me. I placed an order for a second frame last night (having just finished a match); but this morning I'm wondering if I should have ordered a third too... grrrr!
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