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Originally Posted by chico9166 View Post
The wrist is not always neutral, (Heath has this wrong IMO), and in fact, what you are describing (turn your whole body and hit it cc) is a result of the wrist being too neutral. The angle of the wrist (how much "wrist layback") is the principal dictator of the shot line, so the wrist would tend to be MORE laid back on an inside out forehand.
I disagree.

Heath has it right imo.
Show me one video of a male pro that is not hitting down the line or inside out, is using ssc, is not using excessive ISR for topspin (ie david ferrer) and does not have a neutral wrist on contact.
I say you can't.

The 'wrist layback' determining shot line is for a different type of fh. (unless you're going dtl or inside out, where the wrist will be laid back a little on i/o and occasionally on dtl but not always, which i've mentioned several times in this thread and is also mentioned by Heath)

The 'turn the whole body and hit it cc' comment was me describing what the OP currently does when he hits i/o. He doesn't know how to hit an i/o fh yet and when he does go i/o that's what he does. I wasn't describing what he 'should' do.

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