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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
I disagree.

I never said anything about 'turning the whole body and hit it cc'.

Heath has it right imo.
Show me one video of a male pro that is not hitting down the line or inside out, is using ssc, is not using excessive ISR for topspin (ie david ferrer) and does not have a neutral wrist on contact.
I say you can't.

The 'wrist layback' determining shot line is for a different type of fh. (unless you're going dtl or inside out, where the wrist will be laid back a little on i/o and occasionally on dtl but not always, which i've mentioned several times in this thread and is also mentioned by Heath)
Would you agree that the face of the racquet at impact is what dictates the line of shot? If so, then from a neutral wrist position a player would primarily have to swing in the direction of the intended target. And as you most aptly put it, the swing is arching around order to swing in an arc, the wrist would have to be laid back, or neutral, or anywhere in between to send the ball to different quadrants.

The newest information (brian Gordon, tennisplayer) suggests that the wrist is not really a part of the whole stretch shortening cycle but is positional in nature... That is, the laid back wrist at the beginning of the swing provides a player with a substantial joint range of motion to postion the racquet at impact congruent to the target line. In fact, he maintains that the muscles controlling the wrist are resisting (to a lesser or greater extent) teh centripetal force created by the rotation of the arm around the shoulder...

So what Im saying is , that if you want to swing in an arc, and create angular speed, BUT want to send the ball out on different quadrants, the position of the wrist (in a kenesthetic sense) is key...

You ought to read his article in tennisplayer..its really good.
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