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I've been a member of up until a few months ago. I agree it's an awesome site.

I didn't read it but I'm aware of his comments/article on the wrist flexation not being part of ssc. That's fine. He's probably right.

But I don't think he says that contact is made with a laid back wrist because of this does he? Because video evidence suggest otherwise. Unless as I said, going i/o. On cc or up the middle the big guys are contacting with a neutral wrist.

Look at any slow mo fed vid. He makes contact for a cc with a neutral wrist. The difference is he meets the ball a little earlier than he does going up the middle. on up the middle he is also neutral. same with rafa. No laid back wrist.

And heath does say something like 'and you can/might have a little bit of laid back wrist going up the middle but usually it's neutral'. something to that effect he said.

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