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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Unfortunately, we do not have comprehensive numbers to reach a conclusion, but if we take the 14 to 14 number, and note that McCauley lists 3 wins for Hoad in a partial view of the European tour, and 3 more in Asia and Australia, then it follows that Hoad could have won 8 more matches against Rosewall on the 20 unreported days of the European tour, that is, 11 wins against Rosewall on the European tour. So it could have been 11 to 5 for Hoad on European red shale clay. (If you deduct from this the five-set final on clay in Cairo, it would be 10 to 5 in Europe, exactly what Kramer reported.)
That could be but would contradict the earlier 10:8 balance. It remains a riddle.

Hoad d. Rosewall 5 times in South Africa and 3 times in Asia, together 8 times. Thus for Europe remain only 6 Hoad wins...

Maybe it is 6:3 for Hoad in Europe.

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