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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
From what I've been told, decreasing tension on the crosses does make the sweet spot bigger and increases dwell time on the string thereby enhancing spin potential.

Personally, I like the feel and drop tension by a couple of pounds. I'm currently using natural gut mains and poly crosses at 53/51
This is one of those claims that I suspect could be more myth than fact, something that was passed on years ago that's managed to survive the test of time because it's still being touted as fact. My only problem is with all the data on discussing the three sweet spots on racquets, how they affect game play, power, etc., I've yet to come across anything that says lowering the tension on the crosses definitively enlarges the sweetspot. That doesn't mean the info isn't out there (for or against); it just means I haven't found it. If someone else has or does, by all means pass it on. I'm not trying to start an argument, so please don't misinterpret my post. I'd just like clarification.
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