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Originally Posted by SFrazeur View Post
Any retro/vintage game or hardware collectors out there? If so what is your most valuable item?

Myself I have a cartridge of EarthBound for the SNES. They sell for about $125-$150 on auction site. I paid $5 years ago.


I have meant for years to get a ROM and play the game. Poeple talk it up so much.

I have brand new boxed Steel battalion with the 40 button controller and all that. I opened the box once to look at it. It sat in storage for years never played. Now I debate whether to sell it or pull out my old Xbox and play the thing.

Its a shame they never made other games that used the controller. Probably a develpment nightmare though.

Also have an old nintendo R.O.B somewhere. Just have gyronmite though no stack up.
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