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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
He seems to be very negative about both Gonzales and Hoad.
He claims that Hoad "didn't give a damn" about less important events, and "was never very interested in tennis", an opinion echoed by Laver this year. He rates Hoad and Laver in the second level tier of greatness, below even Perry. This cannot be serious.
He rates Gonzales below several players as well, including Hoad when playing well. Again, hard to believe.
Well you have to take into account that while no one can reasonably dispute that Kramer didn't know his tennis that many of the top ranked players in Kramer's list were his friends. He ranks Ted Schroeder, perhaps his best friend, with the second tier which is the same level he ranks Hoad, Laver and Rosewall. He ranks his heroes Don Budge and Vines as the two best which actually is an opinion echoed by many so I can't say it was a bad choice but still he could have been partial toward them.

He ranks Bobby Riggs, another friend slightly ahead of Pancho Gonzalez. Now Riggs is a very underrated player but I don't think he can rank ahead of Pancho Gonzalez.

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