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Default You take risk using 62 pounds

Originally Posted by tvu View Post
It is pain at times because even though it is listed at 16 gauge, at times it feels like 14. As you probably know by now - there are different diameters on each end. One end will be just fine, the other tends to be a little bigger. I would trim the end until I can find a suitable point in the string that fits well(we are only talking about 6 inches).
As far as tension, I've strung them up at 56, 58, 62 - all mini Jet method - reason why that's important because at the last 2 mains - you have to add +4 lbs resulting in 60, 62, 66 tensions respectively. I've done 5 sets and no problems so far - it is just a slow process of getting it through the grommets. Know that going in - put eyon some good music, and just relax and take your time. It takes me around 1:10 minutes to do an 18x20 racquet with the mini-jet method.
You take risk using 62 pounds but it is your money

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