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So, the verdict:

We went 1-4.

First match: Good man, decent girl. She could hold her own at the net if it came right at her. She fed me a ton of net balls first set - we had tons of chances to win it. The guy had good pace and consistency. He'd rally to my cousin the whole match. She was off this match. She claimed to be very nervous (not much play time in mixed) and the guy psychs her out at net. Not a good match, definitely not to our potential. Lost 4-6 1-6.

Second match: Huge fit woman (6'3, literally looked like Serena Williams). Could hit good topspin forehands and a bombing serve (with a kick for second). The man sliced every ball and we were playing on carpet courts. Didn't end well. My partner was less nervous this match, but she didn't know how to handle them both coming in to net. They were fed a lot of high balls and we just couldn't get into it. Lost 1-6, 2-6.

Third match: At this point we decide to switch sides (formerly had been playing me ad, her deuce - with her being lefty). Tremendous difference, she can do so much more with her forehand and now she was hitting it much more often. This team was better than the first we played, the girl was consistent and so was the guy. He had great hands at net. I played decent, my partner was great. We won 7-5, 7-6.

Fourth match: This was the second place in division team (behind the people that we were yet to play). They had been spanking people and I told my partner no pressure, let's just have fun. The guy had a great first serve, but a bad second. He was maybe 40% first serve so we broke him a ton of times. His partner played AA3 women's (I didn't know this at the time). Now I understand why she aced me 3 times (with the help of a dead spot, shh shh). She had the hardest serve of any woman I've ever watched. We took the first set 6-2, my partner and I were both on fire. Second set we let down a little late in the set and lost 4-6. The third was back and forth and I just couldn't stay in it mentally. I started letting the errors fly a little and we lost 3-6. I was happy to have chances against the second best team in the division.

Fifth and final match: These guys had literally killed everyone the whole season. They beat the people that beat Serena (our second match) 6-2, 6-3. So I knew they'd be good. We came out and immediately in warm-up I saw how good the girl was. She was tiny, but she was banging this ball. Flawless backhand (harder than any girl I've played/seen) and great forehand. Didn't miss a single ball for a while. The guy had good topspin and was consistent. We started out terribly. Neither of us could hit the ball well and they were both serving good. We lost 1-6. Second set I decided to get in some rallys and stop making so many mistakes. We had about a ton of good points, and went up 4-1. However, in mixed a lead like that can easily go to waste. We gave back the break and they brought it back to 4-4. I turned it on at this point and never looked back, we took the set 6-4. After this, they were obviously frustrated. We took no break between sets and I just went to serve (regret it now). I lost my serve way too easily and told my partner I should have had a break because I wasn't prepared to serve so quickly. They steamrolled to a 4-0 lead and we decided it was go time. We played well and got a little lucky, and brought it back to 4-4. At this point it was my serve and I held at love. On his serve we went up 30-15 and he threw a double fault. Double match point! I got into the perfect rally (had been winning these rally's all night) with the guy, and eventually he gave me a short ball. I had 3 shots - up the line, down the middle, or cross-court angle. All of which would probably have been enough. I fluked it up and missed just long down the middle. He proceeded to ace my partner and they got out of a double match point game. We were both mentally drained at this point, because it was such a back and forth match, and couldn't hold it out. Lost 1-6, 6-4, 5-7...with 2 match points >.<.

All in all it was a good season. We both agree that if we could replay our first couple matches it would have been a different story. I'm just proud to have hung with a AA woman and 4.0 guy.
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