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Question Question for Wilson PS 6.0 85 Re-issue Sampras

Hi everyone,

real quick, just wondered, of those here who have the re-issue Wilson PS 6.0 85 Sampras, who has added lead tape to this frame? and why?

Does it play fine free of lead tape? or, have folks placed their lead tape ala Pete Sampras at 3 and 9, or ala Federer at 12 (11-1)?

I ask because I see Sampras always had his at 3-9, for stability, correct? 3 layers on each side....but I never saw any lead tape placement anywhere else, yet, Federer, uses lead tape at 12, for his own model, also three layers...

Is the PS 6.0 85 stable as is, so no lead tape needed? just curious who here puts lead tape on their PS 85, and why...

thanks. Oh, mine is strung with natural gut at 48lbs.... i love it and it feels great and wanted to tinker with lead tape for this frame, but didn't know who here, places their lead tape for this particular racquet......I know it will feel and play differently with lead tape, but this frame only, who has lead tape at 3-9 versus 12....

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