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Originally Posted by kazamzaa View Post
Maybe 1.16 mm would not work in a 98" open pattern racket.
Something softer than CoF would be nice though. I must consider this.
If you are happy with CoF, especially as it plays over time (I do like that it remains soft, unlike most co-polys), then I would just stick with it. I really did enjoy CoF and thought it would be my new #1, but eventually the softness became more difficult to control than MB, for me.

Many people do not have the same control-over-time issue as I do, with CoF, as it is a very popular cross string, and a close second on my list. CoF also comes in multiple gauges, so that is another benefit over MB, which only comes as a 1.16mm. Open patterns and stiffer frames may not get much mileage from MB's thin profile. Maybe just stick with what you have, I know I did get caught up in a very long and tedious experimentation kick... while fun and informative, also can make you go nuts sifting over all the possibilities and thinking of the 'next best thing'... hopefully I can finally take my mind of string changes (for at least a few months I hope?)
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