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The PS85 plays extremely well in stock form as long as you have the right technique and a good string setup that you like.

In stock form, it's best for serve and volleyers with a relatively high tension, (Let's say 55# and up).

For the modern spin game one would want the weight distributed more to the ends of a racquet, and generally a lower string tension, (less than 50#). Of the four PS85s I own, two are setup for spin. What I did was replace the leather grip wth a synthetic wilson that was 10g lighter, then ran 1/4" tape (both sides) around the top of the frame from perimiter weight to perimiter weight, (came out to be 7g) and added two 3g fishing weights inside the butcap. Taping the top of the hoop in this manner not only makes it easier to generate spin, but also moves the center of mass up which increases power. I have one with a full bed of MSV Focus Hex at 42 and the other with Prince Premier Attack mains at 47 with Signum Pro Poly Plasma crosses at 45.

The other two Prostaffs I own are setup for serve and volley, just a little heavier than stock because I like my racquets around the 13oz range for this style of play. Keeping the leather grip, I added two layers of 1/4" tape, 3 inches long, under the grommet at 3 and 9, plus 4g of lead under the grip, 6 1/2" from the end of the handle. I have one strung with full gut at 60lbs, and one with Prince Premiere Attack at 60lbs for when it gets a little wet outside.
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