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Originally Posted by Don't Let It Bounce View Post
Howdy, Corners. I'm happy to share any insight I may stumble across, but in truth the main thing I feel in a gut/poly hybrid is the gut. The variations between one poly cross and another seem subtle to me, and the only other time I've tried it was with Silverstring a year ago. That said, I can at least compare it to the full poly job I have in a sister frame.
Hey, yeah, I know what you're saying. I would be most interested to hear how the gut/Polymaster performs over time compared to round copolys. Do the gut mains continue to snap back for the life of the stringjob? Do you get as much spin with this combo as with round copoly crosses? If not, it might suggest the "natural oils" hypothesis is correct. Do the gut mains notch, or does the flat cross-section of the Polymaster really protect the gut mains? If they don't notch, how much longer playing time do you get out of this setup than you did with Silverstring crosses?
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