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Default Hybrid Help and Suggestions

Hi all, I have a bunch of polyester, multi, and synthetic gut strings and I would like to get some suggestions on what would pair the best. If you could also give me reasoning and or other information regarding your suggestion that would really help me decide. My current setup is not too bad. I get a decent amount of spin especially on serve, but lacking some on forehand. My past setup that I used for 10 years (Ashaway Crossfire 17) gave me a ton of bite on my forehand, but since Iíve aged and started to have more arm fatigue due to the Kevlar has forced me to reconsider. I decided to start with 55 lbs on both cross and main as a starting point since Iíve never used a poly and multi hybrid setup. Any suggestions on tension are also welcomed. If you have a favorite setup, please feel free to also add that to your suggestion as well.

About me: Iím a solid 4.0 player that hits a ton of heavy top spin off the forehand and generally slice my 1 handed backhand. I tend to mix up my first serve with slice, kick and flat and hit a standard kick serve on my second. My serve could use some more power and spin. My swing speed is fast on my forehand and medium on my backhand. Service returns are very important to me since I donít have the biggest serve and my main weapons are my forehand, backhand slice, and overall court speed.

Thanks for your help; it really does make a difference!
My equipment: Donnay X-Dual Silver 99

Current setup: Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 @main Babolat Addiction 16 @ Cross tension both at 55 lbs

Strings choices.

Polyfibre TCS 17/1.20
Signum Pro Poly-Plasma 17
Kirschbaum Pro Line X 17

Tecnifibre NRG2 16
Tecnifibre NRG2 17
Babolat Addiction 16
Babolat Addiction 17

Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16
Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 17
Forten Synthetic Gut Sweet 16
Forten Synthetic Gut Sweet 17
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