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Wow, quite a labeler aren't we? I am still close friends with many from high school and college....loved the people. Hated being scheduled and having to sit still in class and having to take courses in things that did not interest me to fulfill certain course requirements.

Highlights of my life were meeting my lady, seeing the ultrasound of my kid, her being born, numerous family trips, building and selling a business. Not sure if high school being the 'highlight' is all that wonderful to be honest with you....kind of sad considering people live to be 100 these days. But maybe thats why I see so many 40 year olds with the same hair do they had at the prom! Wow, kind of depressing to think that 4 years at a high school, with kids you did not select to be around, told what class to go to and when, would be the highlight of an entire life.
Looks like you only enjoyed the 2nd part of your life...
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