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Dunlop MAx 200Gs - I currently have 6 Dunlop MAx 200G, a few I tried with lead tape on the sides and some on the top of the hoop, but in the end, I removed all the lead tape from the 200Gs as they don't need any lead tape at all, and they all play my Max 200Gs are lead tape free, each strung at 48 lbs. natural gut

Lendl Adidas GTX Pro T - I also play with two (2) Lendl Adidas GTX Pro T, with no lead tape, but tried as well on all areas, and it felt sluggish or removed the lead tape on those as well and those are strung at 55lbs with natural gut... and it has lots of power and very flexible...

Wilson PS 6.0 85 - my only Wilson PS 6.0 85, is 48 lbs., and it plays great! I was wondering if I added weight to the 3 and 9 area, if the racquet would not feel "lively" as opposed to not having any... since it's a brand new racqet for me, was just wondering if lead tape felt better at 12 as opposed to 3 and 9..

btw: how many layers do you have yours at 3 and 9? I saw sampras photos of his, and his layering is pretty thick, at least two layers on all four sides, but I think I see 3 layers on all four sides...

I will have to get some lead tape tonight and try it out...your method... I was going to add lead anyways to sample it, just wondered what the consensus was here for 3 and 9 versus 12 o'clock and the layering...

thanks! will post photos If I could.. LOL
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