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Default Petition IS HUGE thanks again

Originally Posted by HIGH-TECH TENNIS View Post
Hi - need to clarify. Yes, we saw and forwarded the petition to 3000 tennis enthusiasts as requested by one of our customers but - this is my opinion only - I don't think there is any point whatsoever to that petition (we haven't even signed it) because it is a done deal. Again, this is MY opinion and there may have been meetings, etc-I know nothing about them-but the changes are coming and there's virtually nothing we can do about them. HIGH-TECH TENNIS is working to expand beyond tournaments, perhaps beyond tennis, and we're keeping a close eye on national tournaments that our friends at Tennis Recruiting is working to develop...but the changes are definitely coming and we don't have to like them (and we DON'T) but we do have to accept them. Lots and lots of parents are gonna be blindsided...what a shame for junior tennis.
I was reminded again of the ALREADY reduced opportunities for nat'l play
'when i was asked by a students parent what tournaments to play to get nat'l points to qualify for a national B16. I had to say all you can do is play locally. Maybe get in a regional 3 an
The kid just aged up isnt ranked high enough to make 32 Nat open or Winter Nat draw. Playing local designated wins gets you 1 point in Level 5
2 points in a level 4. We're in a strong section, tough to get semis when more points kick in. The kid is a 5* in TRN !!! who won rounds in B12 Nat Opens,
B12 Nat Champs. He was a 33-64 player cut out of the B14 Nat opens, never got enough points for Nat Champs.
The 2011 changes and 2012 point changes already have blind sided 50% of the National play opportunities/participation.
some of which could blossom into a top player.
This parent sent me your petition which I forwarded.

The Petition serves as a documented mandate for US to have input to amend changes

Now we all await some response from USTA as to amends if any.
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