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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Yeap, time for the 200T to see the door. Hit with rdis10093...who gave me a 95D to play with haha. It just seemed to click. The balls aren't as heavy, but I don't feel like I'm fighting to get into position to hit the perfect ball every time because otherwise, the frame's going to bite my rear. Since you can't have the perfect prep every time in a match situation, the weight has just become a liability now that I've switched my strokes. Blaaaah, racquet quest is on. Picked up a Prestige MP to demo since the local pro shop really only has Head and Babolat. Two problems: closed string pattern, and the most idiotic grommet setup in the world (cap grommets). Unless this thing is other worldly, I'm pretty sure I should've just left it there.
Give the 95D some time, and play with it. I hate to say it but it is string picky. Plays great though. If you liked the 95, I'd suggest giving the Rad Pro a shot-- similar frame (although not quite in your spec wheelhouse).

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Long story short: the 200T is not for me. Aside from slices, the Prestige MP was simply OUTSTANDING in comparison. My hitting partner remarked that he'd never seen action like I had on my second serves before. That's with an 18x20 frame with synthetic gut strung around the time that stonehenge was erected. I need to restring it with Baseline Spin or something cheap and neutral just to see how it would play if I bought it. I fear this thread has turned into PV Audio's Racquet Playtest Thread
Every time I come back to it the Prestiges are a pleasure to play with. You won't be disappointed.
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