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I tried several Babolot hybrid combinations and found that they had great feel and play-ability - for a short period of time... then things would go south in a hurry.

That - along with their high cost - made it easy for me to switch. You can do a lot better for less money.

There are tons of threads out here on every hybrid combination you can think of. If you are stringing yourself - I highly recommend you have 2 rackets - find one setup you prefer - and change our your 2nd on a regular basis. Once you find a better setup - go with that and try testing a few more.

I've just gone through several poly/sgut setups - and had a standard setup of MSV Co-Focus/OGSM that I really thought I'd stay with...
... then I came across Smasher08's thread on PacGut/MSV Co-Focus hybrid... and I tried it... wow - no going back now. I'm just playing with tensions now - but that will be my standard setup unless I find the durability makes the higher cost of this setup too expensive. So far though - durability looks GREAT - and this will be no more expensive than having to cut out strings after 10 hours or so because it goes dead or loses tension.

Good luck... the forums are great - but careful - it is addictive
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