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Default Solid contact

Originally Posted by toly View Post
We were talking about solid contact of the racquet with ball.

In post 519 I said, “If racquet velocity has normal component only (normal to string bed) and point of contact is sweet spot, you hit pure flat FH (forget about strings actions). Because of the absolute symmetry of the ball there always should be solid contact.
If racquet speed has tangential component only, there never will be solid contact.”

What is wrong with that?

If carpenter wants to hammer a nail, he also should create only normal component of the hammer velocity to get solid contact, but is not enough, because the nail doesn’t have absolute symmetry. The normal component of velocity must coincide with longitude axis of the nail to provide solid contact.
I am bringing to your attention that the parallel with a hammer/nail is very "weak"
The nail and hammer are rigid bodies.
A ball and strings are at the different end of the spectrum.
Additionally there are multiple problems with a dictionary/choice of words
for example I do NOT know the meaning of the phrase "solid contact"
Btw:the "if statement" with the the first part of the "if clause" false is always true.
I am talking about the sentence starting with "because"

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