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Originally Posted by golfer View Post
I went through the same cancer as lance but 4 times worse. I had the same nurses and doctors. I know their feelings about lance. I know very well if he could have ever won 1 or 7 years on that bike after treatments. If you ever seen the new iupui hospital upgrades you understand why I will thank lance. I hate the ill gotten way it happened but I didn't poster myself for cancer research bringing in millions. Do I give him a free pass today, nope! during his streak everyone did because his name =charity. He showed surviving cancer wasn't a foot in the grave. If lance wasn't on that bike kicking *** I would have given up believing I could have a normal life after my treatments. I'm just showing why many people looked pass what he did.

As for myself if you know testicular cancer and the beta hcg test here was my marker 385,000.

No matter how all this turns out for Lance, nobody can deny that the man has done a lot of good for a lot of people.

Congrats golfer on being a fighter......and a survivor.
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