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^^^^ that is like the Florida 4.0 team going to Nationals. Play in Tampa area - 7 guys(I think 7 is the number) got bumped up. the funny part is the "self rating". One college player - 3 years Division One '94-'96. One player played at two separate colleges, 3rd player won the Florida State High School Title in 1990. They all self rated at 4.0
Based on the limited info provided, the division 1 player is improperly self-rated...that is, if he actually played any matches for the division 1 school.

The second player who played at two separate colleges, he may actually be properly self-rated...just depends on what level he played at and his age. NAIA, Division 2/3 36 years old or older can self-rate at 4.0 level.

Finally, the Florida State HS state champion in 1990...I'm sure he's over the age of 36 now given the year he won State and, if so, without having any Division 1 college experience, he is properly self-rated per the guidelines.
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