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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Well, whatever you want to call it

something has allowed him to have the best record vs and amongst the other Big 4!

I beleive i was the first to point this out. Nadal is still not given enough credit for such a significant acomplishment...
the main reason is he is near unbeatable on clay, where as everyone else is beatable on their favourite surface. It's no coincidence that his closest H2H amongst the top 4 is with Djokovic, who enjoys the biggest lead in his favourite surface H2H of any of Nadal's top 4 rivals. Murray and Federer have only managed to stay roughly even with Nadal on hardcourt (federer 1 match in the lead, Murray is I think one behind, federer is also only one match ahead in grass H2H) So the only way for any top 4 player to get even with nadal is either have very few clay mettings (which is not likely - if you want to be top 4 you need to be making masters semis even on clay) or dominate Nadal on hardcourt. Djokovic is the only member of the top 4 to do this, but still not enough to lead Nadal yet. Put simply no-one is as good on any surface as nadal is on clay.
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