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Not happy with it. Lost to one of my main playing partners in a league match about 3 weeks ago after being up 5-2...mainly because of being worn down by some extremely long points. I haven't been running much or doing non-stop hitting sessions for the last 4 months or really caught up to me. I was gassed after choking that first set, probably operating at about 70% the rest of the way.

So, I've been running at least a mile 5 days per mile on weight lifting days, 2 miles on non-weight days, and no running on the day of a match.

We'll see what happens the next time we play.

The guy I lost to competes in endurance races, 5K's and this mudder stuff, so I'm never going to have his level of fitness, but I shouldn't need it as I can control points with strokes and I have a much bigger serve. He's a ball retriever so shots I put past most guys come back. We were having rallies of 20 shots+ that night, where i was basically standing in the middle of the court and he was running back and forth. I won most of them..up until it was 5-2.
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