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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Scale of 1 (deathbed) to 10 (high school varsity football and varsity basketball) ?
I'm about 3.
Junior high 100 yards, 11.6 seconds with jeans, tennis shoes, and no warmup in 55 degree temps, fully fogged in SanFrancisco. Now, more than 30 seconds, as I can't run.
Standing long jump jr high... 9'2". Now, barely 5'9".
Standing vert. Jr high, 40", no BS. Now, having grown a foot, can't reach the bottom of the basketball net...
Long jump, 8th grade 21'7" in all city, admittedly my best by 2' ever, but the 6 guys who beat me did their personal bests also. Went from dirt track to cork at KezarStadium. Now, for sure no better than 10'.
In college, we ran 6 miles around 38 minutes, if we wanted a shower before the next class. I wanted a shower. Now, I can't go 6 miles period....even in 3 hours.
If you recalibrated to: 1 (deathbed) to 10 (normal young adult humanoid), you'd probably be a 6.

To quote Johnnie Mac: "the older I get, the better I used to be..."
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