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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
"Better" is different from #'s I posted as a youth. "Better" is direved from memory alone.
#'s are recalled from something I actually did, was posted in the school records (both APGianini and LincolnHigh have actual results posted on cardboard all around the top of the men's locker room.
Lincoln's record of 10'2" in the standing long jump lasted until sometime in the mid '90's, having been posted in 1964, by one DomondLee.
That is not conjecture, not memory, nor is it "when I was younger"... stuff.
I apologize for being difficult to understand. It never crossed my mind that your numerical values were not accurate. I was commenting on the fact that you, as an individual, are going to be "set up" for appearing currently worse than you really are in the population, specifically because you are comparing your current status, which is likely average for your age, to an astronomically high "peak". Thus coming up with a close to deathbed status for someone who can play tennis, after all.

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