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Compared to the AVERAGE population, my fitness is closer to an 8.5.
Compared to my personal fitness as a youth, barely a 4.
I was king in the urban assault gymnastics, where kids find an abandoned warehouse, or better yet, CoastalArtillery gun emplacements, and do all sorts of stupid jump off the top, climb hanging upside down, stuff. 1963, or thereabouts. What kept me from being the best was my fear of injury, since I'd committed to playing school sports by 8th grade. As a spider, I could climb the length of the bunkers, around 150', hanging upside down using the electric conduits, over and over again.
Now, I can barely ride 39 miles on my road bike.
Can't run one step.
Can't surf in waves over 5'.
Can't snowboard 9-4.
Still can windsurf with the nation's fastest windsurfers, and jump as high as the best in the SF Area. But that is skill more than physical.;
And singles tennis, barely bumpup 4.0, or what I call high 3.5 because even when I can get there, I cant get there with the feet in hitting position and balanced. That's a full point level drop.
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