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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
Very well put. Basically Rafa is going to dominate the clay H2H, so the only way to get even with him is to dominate the HC H2H (too few grass tournaments for grass H2H to matter). However outside of Djokovic, no one else has been able to dominate Rafa on HC (Fed can do that on indoor HC but most tournaments are outdoor HC). My personal opinion is that Murray has the weapons to dominate the hard court H2H (Big 1st serve, deep penetrating BH's to Nadal's BH) but then again theory is very different from practice.
Yeah it's weird isn't it? Murray does seem to have the potential to have a decent edge on hardcourt, and when he's really on form he can swamp Nadal's game (taken 2 love sets from him in finals) but he just can't seem to do it consistantly and when Nadal is on top form he just plays the same sort of game but better. Murray sometimes tries to outrally nadal and he often falls short. I think Djokovic is more comfortable at being agressive (though I think even he has become more defensive recently) Murray should try to stay agressive because trying to out rally Nadal is a dangerous game
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