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There is more to it than just that. We like to travel, I do not want her acting like the other kids I see her age, I do not agree with traditional learning methods as being the best. By age 8-9 kids at schools are pigeon are a jock, you a nerd, you pretty, you the fat kid, you the braniac, you at this lunch table, you a cool kid, and on and on. I just am not into that whole scene.

Lots of reasons we homeschool. Its perfect for us.
Well, couple of thoughts:

One, your high school experience might not mirror her high school experience as you are not the same people.

Two, elementary school, the earlier grades, is where the kids learn to sit still.
Yes, it is a process. Most kids learn in nursery school, but it is never too late.

Three, if you are trying to avoid the mean girls who are into clothing, hanging out at the mall, and stealing each other boyfriends,
you should look into private schools, the most academic ones.
Some private schools have a dress code, but more importantly, they have a code of conduct.
You don't behave, you don't maintain a certain average, you are disrespectful, you are out.
No contract for the next year.
The private schools are not beholden to the student and the family, you are beholden to them.
And the girls won't have time to be mean to each other, they are too busy studying.
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