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Originally Posted by chizzle View Post
So how does this compare vs the PS90s, in terms of overall demand? I love the 90, but the demand leaves me falling short vs. many players.

Interestingly, in Atlanta, it's hard to get a demo of the 89; but the 97 is available.

Thanks for the replies.

I used to play with the K90 and I loved it. The only issue was that it hurt my wrist after a year or so. I was devastated. I switched to a flexible frame (Donnay) but my game suffered). Finally, Yonex came out with a *REAL* frame that had some potential, even if it was a bit lighter than I would have preferred.

The Yonex Tour 89 is easier to maneuver (lighter weight but same swingweight as the K90), has a larger sweetspot, and swings a little easier overall. Power level for the 89 is lower than the K90, but directional control is better. Serves are MUCH better with the Yonex. Returns are about the same.

I trust my slice backhand more with the Yonex, but both frames are good. For some reason I can hit forehands MUCH better with the K90, but that may be able to be fixed by some practice and playing time with the Yonex, I don't know yet.

Anyway, I'd say overall the Yonex is superior to the K90 in my hands, as the serves, serve returns, slice, control, and especially volleys with the Yonex are better. I'm not saying it's better for everyone, but it's certainly worth a try if you are a fan of the Wilson 90-sized frames.
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