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Coach, it's good he is well mannered and can converse well. That is different from being well educated. I'm sure you realize that the average SAT score in the top high schools is around 2100. Specifically, Stuyvesant's "average" SAT score is 2090. From everything I have heard from college coaches, there is usually 1 or 2 home schooled tennis kids scoring at that level, usually a girl. When it comes to SAT scores kids home schooled for tennis cannot compete with the graduates of the top high schools.
I will be the 1st to tell I am not big on school and I am glad my player takes his time aboutg getting it done , having said that he just finished for a break and ended up holding a 3.9 that included 4 Ap courese and 2 other junk courses and his last 3 test score sent back were all above 90% .

But remember college is not the goal .
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