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Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
McEnroe has talked about receiving appearance money to play at the Australian Open, but didn't specify the year. Certainly the tournament organisers there were desperately to get such a global superstar to play at their event.

It wouldn't surprise me if he only showed up there in 1983 due to that appearance money. USA not reaching the Davis Cup final in 1983 would also have been a likely factor.
This could have happened but I donīt think in 84.mac had won everything on sight and the only big events he did not win, the French and DC finals, he went into the last match...IMO, he would have played the Australian so to round up his best ever year.Maybe he was burnt out, yet he won the Masters in Jan 85, so...

(BTW, does anybody remember the Jan 85 Masters final? I donīt think anybody can play better indoor tennis than him during that final)
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