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To what end? If you think it is the moral obligation to learn about history, fine. But not to earn a living. This is an increasingly global economy and top money earners can be from any country and companies do business world wide. I doubt the connected Ivy Leaguers that run the economy give a dang about US history.

By the way....who decides how to present the history? For example, the 2000s can be presented is very different ways depending on the political bent of the professor.
TcF your dead wrong that's our problem history repeats itsself whether short term or long term and we don't learn from and our country is a disaster because of it ,example teenage pregnancy ! Don't want to get into it but think of history and all it contains we can learn from from the Romans to the Revevoltions that have taken place .

History is probably the most important subject for the world to learn from .
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