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I seriously think if they bulldozed White Plains, converted all the Training Centers to City Facilities, fired everyone (& I mean EVERYONE) at Junior Development & then hired a commitee of 3 (Put one bean counter with Tennis 5 & Clark, or TCF & MisterBill, or Aloha & someone else....I don't care) to decide how to divy up the money....that we'd be way better off.

Blue Chip &/or Top 50 usta gets you so much, Top 100, but only a 3 star gets this much. The guy who's 250 with usta (but is a 5 star) gets that much. (& 2-3 guys here could figure it out). Maybe save a few coins for the freak athlete who's coming on strong & all three can agree on.

& then hire a couple of ladies to send checks out to the kids once a month & let them go find their own training.

No beaurocracy (sp?), no wheelchair or diversity grants, (if you want to hold back some for financial need, it's up to you). Keep the foam & whiffle balls if you want to. Keep the computer monkeys at tennis link (& maybe have them revamp the USTA website).

But just send checks to the kids & let them go find the best coach or academy that they can buy. The elite will probably congregate together anyway (like they did in the late 80s/early 90s).

Hell some of them might end up at Boca City courts or Carson or Flushing Meadows City courts anyway (along with new coaches who HAVE a history of delivering.)

You guys probably have 10-15 other (or better) ideas, but first we bulldoze the whole damn thing down, & put a process in place to send the $$ to the kids. Wouldn't be any worse than the past 15 years performance at the USTA Jr. Dev.
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