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Originally Posted by batz View Post
At the risk of being accused of cherry picking....

Since Murray made his first slam QF in July 2008, his record v Rafa on hards in not too shabby - he leads 5-4 overall, 1-1 in slams.
You may be cherry picking but I think it is instructive. Some pros progress faster than others. Nadal burst on the scene very young and developed quite qucikly. Federer on the other hand, while showing flashes of brillance, took awhile longer to reach his potential. I put Murray on the Federer side of this equation. Assuming Nadal comes back, I think Murray will be a tough match up for Nadal on hard courts. After all, Djokovic has given Murray the blueprint on how to beat Nadal. Murray's game is obviously simialr to Djokovic, the main difference was Novak has been stronger mentally which could change drastically now that Andy was won both the Olympic gold and the US Open.
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