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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
True, but that is only to Nadal's credit .

I do remember Djokovic saying (before 2011) that players thought they had to play points short to beat Rafa, but that he thought it was the opposite, because winning rallies against him hurt Rafa's confidence.
Seems to work well for him, but of course not everyone has the game to be able to do that.
Believe me, I wasn't saying it in a way to not credit Nadal, I agree it's to his credit.

And good point. I think in Madrid 2009 Djokovic got close beating Nadal, in MC and Rome he had given him tough matches trying to out rally him. In Madrid Nadal was possibly shaken, he made more errors as Djokovic tested his game. Obviously in 2011 he turned this into straight sets wins. The thing is Djokovic now tries to out rally nadal on hardcourt too, and he's actually had more trouble beating him than he did in 2007-2009. Murray tries and has to be really on form to do it.
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