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I will be the 1st to tell I am not big on school and I am glad my player takes his time aboutg getting it done , having said that he just finished for a break and ended up holding a 3.9 that included 4 Ap courese and 2 other junk courses and his last 3 test score sent back were all above 90% .

But remember college is not the goal .
Grades from a home school don't mean much. All the kids I have talked to are above a 3.5, many at 4.0. The key measure to compare is the SAT. The average home school score is 1065, math and reading. Stuyvesant 1400. Laurel Springs does not say what its average SAT is except to say it is over the national average. That is consistent with the 1065, which is over the national average. I believe most hp junior tennis players are bright and could attend a top high school and do well. My point is parents should recognize that when they home school for tennis in the preteen and teen years they are making a choice of tennis over academics. Not saying that is good or bad. Just that this is what the evidence says.
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